Why Blog?

Greetings to all!  Blogging is one of the newer mediums of our times.  I’ve read many of them but I never considered posting my own until my photographer friend Matthew Monroe showed me his blog. (www.theglobalphotographer.blogspot.com) Matt said, “Dave, it’s a great way to communicate your ideas, market yourself and get feedback from others.  I’ll help you set it up.”  He did.  I said, “Now what do I do?”  He said, “Write!”

So now I’m an official blogger.  I have many ideas for my blog.  As a fitness trainer and speaker, this blog will certainly contain health and fitness principles, observations, ideas and new concepts to share with readers. I hope it also provides a strong element of inspiration or motivation.  We all need that. For starters, I’ll frame my blog around the following:
*I get asked a lot of common questions about fitness.  Obviously – I certainly don’t get asked about taxes or nuclear physics.  I plan to answer the most frequent questions and share new discoveries I’m always making.
*The challenge of fitness is not so much about the “HOW TO”.  It’s more about the “WHY”.  I want my blog to contain a strong element of inspiration.
*As a trainer, I know many successful people. One thing I love about being a trainer is the opportunity to study and learn how my successful clients think.  I’ve always thought it would be fun to interview them and share their wisdom through some medium like a radio show or a book. Well, why not do those interviews and share them through my blog?  Let’s see what happens.
*People are always telling me to write a book.  I’ve tried.  It’s not that easy.  My A.D.D. gets the best of me and…(what was I talking about?)  oh yeah… so I have to operate in small, fragmented mind bites (kind of like a sound bite but without the sound).  Perhaps this blog will be a collection of those mind bites that will ultimately come together to create David’s AMAZING, LIFE CHANGING, INSPIRATIONAL BOOK of ALL TIME!  ha!  We shall see.

So welcome to my blog.  Thank you for visiting.  Keep visiting for new updates and feel free to share your thoughts and ideas along the way.


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