Training While Traveling Tip #5: GRAVITY

News alert! Hotels are in the hotel business. Which means, they’re not in the fitness business. And judging by the condition of most fitness equipment in hotels, they’re not striving to compete. Furthermore, we know where health clubs unload their worn-out, beat-up cardio equipment. Hotels cram three to four pieces of used cardio-equipment into a room big enough for a Queen bed, slap “Fitness Facility” over the Room # and raise their fees along with their 3-star rating on

While we can’t count on the hotel “Fitness Facility”, we’re fortunately not limited by what they offer. Good News: No matter where we go on planet Earth, we can ALWAYS count on – GRAVITY! Gravity is incredible! It’s there when our plane lands. It gets the elevator down to the lobby. And it works with every flush!  Gravity is our friend!

I’m not much for stationary exercise machines. We work so hard to go nowhere. I especially don’t like “stairstepper machines”. I worked at a two-story health club and actually watched people ride the elevator to the second-floor to… YES…use the stairstepper machines. Ridiculous! I feel the same way in hotels. Why should I get on their poorly maintained stairstepper machine when I can use a real staircase? In terms of time-effectiveness, we will work much harder climbing a flight of stairs, lifting our entire body weight against gravity, rather than working against partial resistance created by springs and magnets.

But I like watching TV when I workout! There’s no TV in the stairwell!”
TV is bad for our brains and country! Kill your TV!

Try walking flights of stairs next time you’re in a hotel. Even if it’s only 3-stories, stairs will accelerate your heart rate much more aggressively in a shorter period of time

*. Walk ~ Jog ~ Run ~ Sprint! Do multiple sets. You’ll spend less time on the stairs than you will crammed in the “Fitness Facility”.
* Obviously, be extremely careful on the stairs. Also monitor your heartrate carefully. Consult a physician or qualified health professional if you have any concerns about your ability to run stairs.

Gravity – it’s cheap and easy to take with you wherever you go. Consider these other familiar gravity-enhanced exercises and calisthenics during your travels:

Push-ups, Dips, Step-ups, Planks, T-Stands, Squat Thrusts, Jumping Jacks, Sit-ups, Crunches, Leg Raises, Wall-Sits, Split Squats, Lunges, Single Leg Squats and many, many more. PLEASE – NO PULL-UPS ON THE BALCONY.

Stay grounded and SUCK IT UP!

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