This is the blog where I get to brag a little.  My objective in blogging is to talk about you and what you can do to be more fit.  Right now, I’m going to talk a bit more about me first so I can ultimately talk about you.  Please bare with me.  Thanks.

I’ve been quite active this entire summer – hence the long delay between blogs.  I’ve spent my free time conditioning and preparing for several events.

Event #1: Four of us reached the summit of Mt. Hood on the morning of June 20th.
Event #2: Mid-July, I kayaked solo down the Clackamas River, which included a good roll-over in the freezing and wicked rapids. (dangerously stupid going solo)  I was able to collect all of my gear and move-on down the shivering waters.
Event #3:  I returned to the summit of Mount Saint Helen’s on July 22nd with 13 good friends. This year’s St. Helen’s climb was much more challenging than last year’s ascent. We had more snow last year which actually made the climb easier.
Event #4: Two days after our St. Helen’s climb, my buddy Rich and I drove up to Toutle, WA to bicycle the Tour De Blast Route up and back to Johnson Ridge Observatory – 82 miles long, climbing over 6,400 vertical feet.  It was so good, we plan to do this again on September 17th.

During each event, my mind quietly played the same game; a conversation between the “Dave” side and “David” side of my brain.  The conversation goes something like this:
“Man-oh-man David – this is great training!”
“Training?  Dave, are you kidding??? This is brutal! This isn’t training! THIS IS THE EVENT!! This is what you’ve been training for Dave!!!”
“You’re right David!”
“I’m always right Dave!”
“Yes we are David!”
(Schizophrenia added for dramatic effect!)

We love the Northwest! (Dave and I) The endless scenery and all it’s elements challenge us to get out and be active. The views are awesome. The landscape is magnificent. Every mountain peak and river we’ve conquered gives us the greatest sense of accomplishment. I get to say to myselves: Been there David!  Done that Dave!

These kinds of activities are never conquered on the day of execution. Several weeks, even months go into preparing for each event.  I’ve trained many athletes and motivate them with one simple understanding – “You will never beat your competition in the arena until you beat your competition in the gym!” I’ve applied the same understanding to myself.  “I will never conquer each goal outside of the gym until I conquer the required work in the gym!”

Victory in any endeavor is simply evidence of hard work done during the weeks, months and even years leading up to the event.  Our climbing team didn’t summit Mt. Hood on June 20th. We reach the summit of Mt Hood several weeks before we left the gym. I didn’t survive a river roll-over on the day I went under. I survived a river roll-

over with every core exercise and every deep-breathing exercise I’ve done over the years. We didn’t pedal 6,400 vertical feet on the day of our ride. We were climbing every hill with every squat, wall-sit, box-jump and spin class during weeks of preparation.

Life is a constant series of events.  Train your mind to recognize the difference between the training and the event.

Training is a process of forced adaption.  You apply progressive levels of stress forcing your body and mind to adapt.

The Event is the ultimate level of stress toward which you’ve been adapting.

And remember this:  If you SUCK IT UP through your training, you’ll be conditioned to SUCK IT UP through THE EVENT!

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