The Economy and Exercise: Part 1

Our economy is… not so great. And it doesn’t look like things will improve anytime soon. I’ll restrain myself from joining the circular firing squad of blame and withhold my comments on Big Government’s qualified ability to make matters worse. After all, this IS a fitness blog. Let’s discuss how we can improve our health and fitness through the most cost-effective measures until the economy improves.

Our personal health and fitness should always be a top priority. Especially now! Difficult times call for disciplined bodies and disciplined minds. This is the time when everyone must be mentally focused and physically healthy. Our economic solutions will come more quickly through our own individual hard work and ingenuity.  It is the collective effort of each person rising to their fullest potential that brings us upward as a society. There is no government substitute for personal ingenuity and individual hard work. Winning teams are victorious when focused individuals work together toward a common goal. Therefore, we all must be at our individual peak performance. Rather than cutting back on our commitment to fitness, we must step-up our efforts. Like a football team preparing for the game against its toughest competitor, practicing and drilling even harder, we must do the same. See the challenges before us and let’s keep ourselves mentally and physically prepared.

Remember the definition of Success: When preparedness meets opportunity.

Are you physically and mentally prepared for new opportunities as they arise?

It’s OUR economy!  Own it, rise to the challenge and SUCK IT UP!

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