What does SUCK IT UP actually mean?

The term actually comes from World War II fighter pilots.  During the 40’s, oxygen masks were not as sophisticated as they are today.  Back then, “in the good ‘ol days” as my dad used to say, if a pilot performed an aggressive aerial maneuver which caused him to… (brace yourself – this is about to get gross)… vomit into his oxygen mask, he had two options.  He could leave “it” in there and proceed to breathe the acidic fumes into his lungs which would kill him OR… he could… SUCK IT UP!

SUCK IT UP is all about choosing the lesser of two evils.  It’s understandable that exercise is not always fun.  Sometimes you have to get up early when it’s still cold and dark, leave your warm bed and try to workout when you don’t really feel up to it.  Staying in bed seems like the lesser of the two evils.  However, if you choose to do that more times than getting your lazy butt out of your stinkin’ bed, you will eventually become fat, soft and weak!  And THAT is among the greatest of all evils!

Working out can be a pain.  Being unhealthy can truly be miserable.  Those are the two evils you must face – PAIN or MISERY!  When MISERY becomes greater than the PAIN of working out, that is when you will SUCK IT UP and TAKE THE PAIN!

Now go SUCK IT UP!

David Clapp | Suck It Up Fitness | Portland Oregon Local Personal Trainer | Portland Oregon Local Boot Camp