Rich’s Resolve!!!

Today in Boot Camp we celebrated Rich’s forty-somethingth Birthday. Rich has spent the last 2 days laid up in bed with a bad back.  He has recurring pain from a herniated disc. For those of you  who don’t know Rich, he is a BIG BOY.  A former Defensive End at Oregon State University, Rich keeps himself in very good shape.  He exercises regularly and has completed almost 500 Boot Camps.  As with most mesomorphs (large frame individuals) Rich has his….. um…. (how shall I say?)…. weight fluctuations.  Rich is currently committed to dropping 30 pounds (again) and he’s doing a great job at it.

As a birthday gift to Rich, I bought him 1 dozen doughnuts and placed the open box right in front of his spinning bike.  Rich was on that bike for one hour with the doughnuts inches from his face.  They were good looking doughnuts too – chocolate covered, chocolate filled with custard, glaze and a couple of jelly doughnuts.  Rich stayed focused working the bike in 6 minute and 4 minute intervals.

Watching Rich’s commitment was impressive.  I just told you what Rich did.  Let’s talk about what Rich didn’t do.
1. Rich didn’t whine and make excuses about his back.  He adjusted his workout and did what he could within his limits.
2. Rich didn’t say, “Get those doughnuts away from me!”  Rather than looking to blame external factors, he remained committed to his inner resolve.
3. Rich didn’t say, “Now that I’m done, I’ll have a doughnut.  I earned it!”  He got off the bike and walked off to the showers.

It’s Rich’s Resolve that enables him to achieve his goals both personally and professionally.
Rich is a great example of a man with great Resolve!
When the pressure is on the temptations are strong, how great is your resolve???

Make SUCK IT UP your resolve!!!

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