No Discount Training

“Do you offer a discount on your training services?”

This was the question asked to me a few years ago by a lady, a surgeon’s wife, when she was shopping me for my training services. She had never tried a moment of training with me. We didn’t even have an initial consultation to discuss her training goals. She was simply price-shopping for a personal trainer. I like to price shop as well and I always enjoy a bargain. However, there are certain things that should be “value-shopped” rather than “price-shopped”. For instance, I wanted to ask if her husband offered a discount on his surgery services. Not that I would want to be the patient under the knife of a surgeon working at a discounted rate, but I think you get my point.

Here’s the problem for people who want a discounted rate on personal training:
It will actually cost them more to train at a discounted price.
A person who doesn’t want to pay the full price for their personal training won’t put-forth the full effort when they’re training. They want to discount the entire process. These are the people who always arrive late to their appointments, leave early and cancel often. They’re rarely focused on what they’re doing and always need another minute to catch their breath, get some water or go to the bathroom. The truth is they don’t really want to be there. They mostly want to be able to tell their family and friends that they’re working with a trainer. They like to sit in the coffee shops, sucking the fat off the top of their frappuccino and saying out loud to their friends, “My personal trainer said…”
That’s all they really want: status and bragging rights for the least amount of effort and expense.

Clients who pay the full price for personal training are also willing to put forth the full effort to get the results. These are the people who make every penny count and get the most for their money. They’re the ones who don’t need to tell anyone that they’re paying the price.
They let their results do the talking!

I love these clients!  
And here’s my dirty little secret: people who pay the full price with both their money and their effort always get longer workouts. Their discount comes to them as they prove they’re commitment to themselves.
Because they WANT to be with me, I WANT to be with them!

If you discount your training, you discount yourself!


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