Morning Stretches At The Bar

I’m a huge believer in the necessity of stretching, especially as I get older.  I stretch all of my clients, I teach three stretch classes each week at Trainer’s Club; I’ve even appeared on AM Northwest to speak specifically about stretching.
Click here to see David discuss the topic of Stretching on KATU’s AM Northwest.
Why is stretching so important?  It’s estimated that 90% of most soft-tissue injuries could be avoided with regular stretching.    Hmmm – stretching or injury, stretching or injury… I’ll choose stretching!!!
The common myth that we get less-flexible as we age is simply NOT true.  The reality is, we become less active as we age and our loss of flexibility is related to our reduction in activity.  The good news is – you CAN increase your mobility, even in your late years.  And YOU CAN DO THIS by streeeeetttttcccchhhhhiiiiiinnnnggggg yourself!

Here is a brief montage of stretches I perform almost every morning before I start training my clients.  Just spending about 3-5 minutes on these stretches is enough to open my body up so I can be more effective at my work and minimize any soreness in my connective tissues.

The music for this video is appropriately called ‘Stretching Out’ by one of my favorite artists, Mark Knopfler.  It’s from the soundtrack and the movie ‘Wag The Dog’

Get your butt out of bed and STRETCH!

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