Just When You Think You Don’t Have Anymore…

I often marvel at the human machine and the complexity of this amazing creation. I’m also intrigued by the power of the mind and our ability to create our own perceived limits. Yesterday morning, I woke up at 4:30 for a 5:15 client. Typical start of my day. After my early client, I also had to teach my Stretch Class and then, the dreaded BLACK MONDAY Boot Camp. No problem – I was mentally prepared. Everything was going smoothly during Boot Camp. I had all the energy and strength I needed to make it right to the end. Pacing myself on one apple and a food bar, I was looking forward to a shower and my post-Boot Camp breakfast.

Class was over and I started cleaning up my gear when I was asked if I could substitute the Body Sculpt class right away because the instructor was sick. I was soaked in sweat. I really wanted a shower. Every muscle in my body said, “NO!” I was so looking forward to something to eat.

But I knew I had the time for the class. Nancy, the sick instructor, has substituted my Boot Camp numerous times so it was my turn to take one for the team. And, in this present economy, we have to take advantage of every opportunity presented to us. I accepted the task.

Nonetheless, I still had to get over the mental hurdle. I just gave my all to Boot Camp. I was out of fuel. I was sore. Or…SO I THOUGHT!

In that moment, I knew I had to decide I had more. See, I don’t ever like to go half-assed when I work. If I’m going to give others my best, then I’d better show up and give them my absolute best. I had a group of 15 well-deserving members expecting a good class. It’s my responsibility to give them what they want.

We ALWAYS have more to give even when we think we’re done. The Navy Seals are unbelievable when it comes to learning this about human limitations. As part of their training, they endure Hell Week – 7 days of training without sleep to prove what they are capable of doing without any rest. We have the same capability. I love training mothers with small children. When they think they’ve reached their breaking point, I employ a little trick – save your child’s life! As they begin to struggle with a particularly hard set, I tell them to imagine their child in a burning car and they must rip the door open to get their child out of the inferno. All of the sudden, that mom demonstrates focused intensity and they punch out the rest of the reps. Works every time.

We ALWAYS have more to give.

Yesterday, as I began the second class, I imagined myself in combat being pursued by enemy forces. I trained as if I had to run for my life. The energy was all there. I had enough fuel to give my all. I SUCKED IT UP right to the finish. Not a huge deal but a simple example of how we ALWAYS have more to give just when we think we don’t.

SUCK IT UP – you’ve always got more to give!

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