Stability Ball

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Ball Bridge:

Benefits: Lower, Middle and Upper Back, Abdominals, Chest, Shoulders, Arms

Lie on Stability Ball (smaller ball = more extreme stretch). Relax body until head and hips are touching the ball. Objective is to let entire spine rest of curvature of ball. Extend arms overhead to open chest, shoulders and arms. Exhale and hold stretch.


Hamstring Stretches:

Benefits: Hamstrings, Gluteal Muscles, Low Back, Calves

Sitting on a stability ball, start with your knees bent. Grab your ankles. Slowly roll back on the ball. Lift your toes from the floor and roll back until your legs are straight as possible. Gently rock in and out of the stretched position.


Stability Ball Chest Stretch:

Benefits: Chest, Arms, Upper Back

Kneel before ball. (Give thanks to the ball.) Place both hands on top of ball. Press chest toward floor as far as possible. Exhale and hold stretch.


Stability Ball Side-overs:

Benefits: Low Back, Glutes

Straddle stability ball with both legs about shoulder width apart. With arms extended, keep upper back flat on floor. Gently roll ball side-to-side until each leg touches the floor. Exhale and relax as you lower to floor.

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