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Clock Stretch
Benefits: Lower Back, Hips, Chest, ShouldersThis is an ideal stretch first thing in the morning to warm-up your body. It is also ideal just before going to bed to get better blood circulation while you sleep.Phase 1: Lie on side, knees tucked. hold down knees with downside arm. Extend upside arm out in front of you. Hold a light weight to add additional leverage through the stretch.

Phase 2: Drag hand (weight) across floor to circle over your head. Keep your hand (weight) in contact with the floor as much as possible. Continuously maintain exhalations through the stretch. Follow-through until upside arm is extended to opposite side and upper back is flat to the floor. Do not allow knees to lift off the floor.

Phase 3: Drag hand (weight) in opposite direction returning to the initial position.

———————————————————-Clock Stretch: Reverse Angle

Knee Flops
Benefits: Hip Flexors, Quadriceps, Low Back, IT Band
Lie flat on back with both knees bent and feet shoulder width apart.  Let both knees fall to one side.  When both knees go to the left, bring right knee down to left heal. When knees fall to right, bring left knee to right heal. Alternate sides. Exhale and hold.
———————————————————-Knee Flop Pretzels
Benefits: Hip Flexors, Quadriceps, Low Back, IT BandSame as above. Bring lower foot up on top of upper knee to leverage knee downward. Keep opposite shoulder flat to floor.
———————————————————-Single Knee Hug
Benefits: Hamstrings, Glutes, Low Back, Hip FlexorLying on back, hug one knee to chest while keeping the opposite leg straight and flat on floor. Keep pulling knee deeper and outside of rib cage. Exhale and hold stretch.
———————————————————-Double Knee Hug
Benefits: Low Back, Glutes, Inner ThighsLie back on floor, hug both knees outside of rib cage. Exhale and hold stretch.
———————————————————-Knee Circles
Benefits: Low Back, Hips, Inner Thighs, Glutes, HamstringsLie flat on back. Hold knees firmly. Pull knees outside of chest, Continue circling knees apart from each other, coming down as low as possible, drawing knees together and then pulling up tight to chest. Continue circling knees in opposite circles. Exhale as you draw knees to chest.

———————————————————-Up Dog (Upward Facing Dog)
Benefits: Hip Flexors, Abdominals, Low BackLie face down on floor in a pushup position. While leaving hips on floor, press with arms, arch back and look up to ceiling. Hold position and exhale.
———————————————————-Child’s Pose
Benefits: Lower, Upper and Middle Back, Gluteal MusclesSit back in tuck position. Extend your fingertips as far forward as possible. Hold stretch position and relax muscles.
———————————————————-Cat Stretch
Benefits: Upper and Middle BackKneeling on hands and knees, tuck chin to chest and press middle toward ceiling. Hold and exhale.
Benefits: Low Back, Abdominals, Hip Flexors, QuadricepsLie flat on stomach with arms extended to side. Kick leg behind you and attempt to place foot flat on floor with knee up. Momentarily hold stretch and exhale. Reach foot as far over as possible without lifting chest off of floor.
———————————————————-Hamstring Stretches
Benefits: Hamstrings, Gluteal Muscles, Low Back, CalvesThe hamstrings muscles can be stretched from two directions: top-down and bottom-up.

The first picture demonstrates the customary top-down version of a hamstring stretch. Sitting on the floor or edge of a chair, extend your legs, flex your feet and slide your hands from your thighs to the furthest point down your legs. Grab your feet without bending your knees if possible.

The second and third photos demonstrate stretching the hamstrings from bottom-up. Sitting on a stability ball, start with your knees bent. Grab your ankles. Slowly roll back on the ball. Lift your toes from the floor and extend back until your legs are straight as possible. Gently rock in and out of the stretched position.

———————————————————-Hip Stretch
Benefits: Gluteal Muscles, Piriformis, Low BackTight glutes and/or hamstrings are a primary cause for most low-back discomfort. This is a real simple stretch for the hips. Sitting in a firm chair, cross your ankle over the opposite leg. Keep both knees bent at 90 degrees. Once your legs are positioned, gently reach as far forward as possible to feel the stretch. Hold this position for extended period of time. Repeat stretch on opposite leg.
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