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The SUCK IT UP Fitness Boot Camp Programs are available privately for businesses, parties or private groups. Classes are available at PEAK Personal Training in Lake Oswego, Oregon or on location at your business.  Go to our Contact Page to schedule a Boot Camp today!


Beginner Basic Boot Camp
David started teaching group classes in 1985 while earning his degree in Exercise Physiology and Athletic Training.  In “the day”, classes were called Cal-Aerobic Classes. There were no tools. Just an hour of basic aerobic and calisthenic movements on a carpeted, concrete floor. (Shin-splint City!)
Today, available tools such as Body Bars and Dumbbells provide more creativity.  The room is climate controlled and the floor is spring-loaded.  Combining David’s past experience with today’s modern tools creates the Basic Boot Camp workout.  The session entails a 3-4 minute pre-stretch, 15 minutes of aerobics (kickboxing and calisthenics), 20 minutes of free-weights, 15 minutes of core conditioning and a 3-4 minute post-stretch.  Most exercises are timed to musical rhythms at 138 – 162 beats per minute. (35 – 40 repetitions of any exercise per minute).

Advanced Basic Boot Camp
SUCK IT UP cause this class is just like the Beginner Basic Boot Camp only faster, harder and with more complex moves.

Black Monday
Black Monday takes Boot Campers to the highest possible level.  Intense exercises are related more to sports conditioning. This class is NOT for anyone just getting started and should NOT be anyone’s first exposure to Boot Camp.

Agility Training
You have to be light and quick on your feet to keep up with this class.  A challenging work-out that combines resistance training with agility ladders to create a well-rounded cardiovascular routine with your resistance training.

Rep Roulette
We are at the mercy of the cards.  Two decks of cards randomly shuffled.  One deck gives us the exercise and the other deck tells us how many repetitions.  Nobody knows what’s coming next… not even your instructor!  Just SUCK IT UP and do whatever the cards tell you to do.

Circuit Training
David’s pushes for variety in the gym and excels at creativity!  The need to change-up training routines is critical to success. One of David’s favorite movie lines: Dodgeball – “Ya gotta keep the body guessing, right?!”
Circuit Training provides a variety of exercise stations and every class is different.  Exercises are done at 1-2 minute intervals, 12 stations per circuit, 3 circuits per class.

Cycle and Abs
Combine 40 minutes of grueling cycling intervals on a stationary bicycle with 20 minutes of intense abdominal exercises.
You will burn a lot of calories in this class!

Stretch Class
This is a 30-minute stretch routine that incorporates deep breathing and static stretching.  It’s a great way to start any day!

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