Extreme Core Training

My last few blogs have focused entirely on the Core and Core Conditioning.  Our Core training must be consistent and regularly upgraded to be more challenging. Every physical movement we make requires our Core muscle group.  A stronger Core enables us to function through the day with maximum efficiency (Read blog below: Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers).  Core training begins with simple back bridges and planks.  Core work should also be incorporated in dynamic exercises such as push-ups and stability ball exercises.

Core training can be taken to extreme measures like the one pictured below. That’s Jeff Epstein in the picture – fellow New Yorker and Boot Camper.  He once held a plank for 17 minutes!!! I’ve come up with two names for this exercise. The “Mission Impossible” (if you recall the scene from the first MI movie with Tom Cruise).  If you’re not a Tom Cruise fan, then we can call this exercise “The Sky Diver”.

I DO NOT recommend trying this exercise on your own, but if you do, please use the following guidelines:
1) know that you’re physically prepared.
2) make sure you’re anchored to a strong support structure.
3) make sure your equipment is strong enough to support your weight.
4) don’t hover too high above the floor.
5) make sure you have ample cushioning beneath you just in case you choose to ignore guidelines 1 thru 4.

Below is another extreme Core exercise being modeled by the lovely Lori Faren.  We’ll call this one “The Hanging Superman/Superwoman”. Just like doing Supermans on the floor, this engages all of the muscles in the back, glutes and hamstrings.  The same guidelines listed above for The Skydiver apply here as well.


(WARNING: If you seriously wish to attempt these exercises, I strongly recommend hiring a trainer to assess your preparedness, set it up and spot you.  Ahem – I know a trainer I can recommend.)
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