Eating – The Key to Fat Loss!

Do you want to know a key reason why people STAY fat? Believe it or not, they don’t eat enough! True! The most common habit among clinically obese people is skipping breakfast. Think about this – What is the most common thing people do when they want to lose weight? Answer – Go on a “diet”.  They typically use a caloric restriction diet. If Calorie-Restricting diets are the solution, why are the same people always trying new diets???  [Definition of insanity – Doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same results.]  Diets and diet books are promoted not because they help people lose weight. They help people lose a lot of money. Did you just calculate the total cost of diet books somewhere in your house?  Notice that I didn’t say people GET fat from not eating enough.  I said people STAY fat by not eating enough. Yes, people get fat from eating too much…of the wrong stuff.

Understand first that our bodies are hard-wired for survival. Every fiber of your being is poised and ready for danger. You are in defense mode right now as you read this. Your brain continuously analyzes all your operating systems ensuring that everything is synchronized, all your chemicals are balanced and that your surrounding environment is “normal” as detected by your five senses. An adrenaline sack positioned over your heart is ready to release at the first sudden threat to your existence.  Your immune system is detecting and disarming every airborne virus floating through the air we breathe. You’re fuel systems are automatically loaded and ready for battle. It’s pretty amazing when you consider what’s happening within and around all this incredible, intelligent design called “LIFE”! (Read that last line again with the voice of Gene Wilder and hear the orchestra ascend to an superb symphonic crescendo!)

Now, let’s reduce our amazing lives to the level of dog-training. (Read that last line again with the voice of Goofy and hear the single bleep of a dog-whistle.) We like to think that dogs think. They don’t! Dogs operate on two instincts – ‘Feed me’ and ‘Don’t kill me!’ That’s how we train dogs. If Boo Boo does what I say – Boo Boo gets a cookie. If Boo Boo doesn’t do what I say – I’ll threaten Boo Boo’s existence.  

You and I are not much different. Your subconscious brain operates on the same two instincts. Eat and Survive. Consciously you think “Cuisine”. Subconsciously it’s “Fuel”. Consciously you think “Estate”. Subconsciously it’s a “Fortress”.

How does this relate to Fat Loss? When you restrict calories and continue to exercise, your brain perceives a threat to your existence. Consciously you’re thinking “Diet!” Subconsciously you’re a “POW.” Consciously you think “Exercise!”  Subconsciously you’re being “Tortured!”  When you restrict calories and exercise, you’re subconscious mind kicks into DEFENSE MODE and counteracts your efforts to ensure your SURVIVAL until the torture ends and the next time you EAT!

To keep my Blogs short and retainable, I’m going to end this discussion here. My point is simple. We are hard-wired and designed for survival. Every mechanism in our bodies will kick into defense mode at the first threat. Calorie Restricting diets are a threat to your survival. Stop wasting your time and money on them.  Come back soon for more on Eating for Fat Loss.

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