Kettlebell Training

You may have seen Amy Roloff training with kettlebells during her fitness episode of ‘Little People, Big World’.  Some of you may already be familiar with kettlebells as they have regained popularity in many gyms around the world.  (They’ve actually been around for a very long time!)  The Kettlebell or Gyra as they are called in Russia, looks like a cannonball with a handle attached.  They are ideal for performing ballistic exercises to increase strength, cardiovascular condition and flexibility. My very first Charles Atlas weight set came with a pair of kettlebell handles but I never knew how to use them nor did I have a coach to teach me.  Now they are a great addition to any routine, providing a great variety of exercises to keep the body guessing.

The value of kettlebell training rests on the simple fact that the weight is off-balance.  Manipulating a kettlebell requires us to maintain a firm grip on the handle and move the weight methodically around our own center-of-gravity without losing our balance.  Kettlebells provide a great means to strengthen our backs, arms and legs while enhancing our balance and core muscles.  These are a great tool to have in your home-gym.

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  1. June 19, 2012 at 5:32 am

    Nothing better that the kettlebell workouts when it comes to building a well shaped body. Trusted for a long time, this continues to be one of the best training methods.

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