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My name is David Clapp, Master Fitness Trainer, Boot Camp Instructor, Professional Speaker and NOW, as of 2016, Owner of PEAK Personal Training, LLC in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

(I’m talking to you in the first person because, well… I’m the one writing this page.  Why would I talk about myself in the third person narrative?  This isn’t a Seinfeld episode!!!)

I have been a Master Fitness Trainer since 1989.  I earned my degree in Exercise Physiology and Athletic Training from Manhattan College in my native New York State.  Throughout the years, I have held a wide variety of certifications and licenses in my field.  But, there is no greater certification than experience.  I’ve had the privilege to learn from some of the greatest mentors in the world and I attended one of the finest private universities in the country.  Still, everyday is a new learning experience, with new challenges to stretch my creativity, providing opportunities to sculpt my training services specifically to the needs of my clients.  I truly have the BEST clients!  And they deserve my absolute BEST!

Working in the fitness environment with motivated individuals has also provided me with first-hand experience in human behavior.  I’ve had the privilege to work with some of the brightest minds; my clients who have worked hard in their own trades to afford my services.  Through their wisdom and experience, combined with my own experience of what makes a person want to change, I have been able to construct simple and informative messages for my speaking audiences.  These are message which transcend beyond the boundaries of the gym.  My messages chiefly deal with ownership and ones ability to take charge of that which belongs to them – their life and their results.

Thank you for coming to my web site.  I hope we have a chance to meet in person to discuss how you will be able to SUCK IT UP for greater results both in and out of the gym.


David Clapp


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